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Most browsers, social media accounts, gaming consoles, websites like YouTube, desktop and mobile devices come with Built-In Parental Controls that only need to be set up to make these platforms more safe for kids.  They can't replace full parental control solutions provided by a software installation or app download, but it's the least every parent should do to help protect their kids online. Real Life Parental Monitoring is needed in either case.

Our Free Guide Will Show You The Steps to:

  • Set the top filtering levels on all browsers
  • Secure social media accounts like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram
  • Implement parental controls for any gaming console. (includes guides for each gaming system)
  • Ensure parental controls are activated for YouTube
  • Monitor screen time and activity on computers, tablets, iPhones and  Androids using your Microsoft, Apple or Kindle Fire accounts
Also Get Access to Free Parental Control Downloads, our Safe Search App + additional instructional guides for gaming consoles, as well as cyberbullying prevention.
Recommended Parental Control Safety:
No software, app or parental control method is designed to replace personal engagement of parents in the lives of their kids. True safety includes open communication about online activity, as well as real life monitoring of what websites and apps kids are using to access the internet.  Everything else are simply tools to help make your job easier to protect kids from predators and accidentally coming in contact with any type of harmful material online.
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True, FamiSafe is a subscription based parental control software program that handles everything for you to protect your kids on all devices. But for those not ready to install software or download an app, there are steps you can take right now to implement parental controls for FREE.


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Nothing can beat parental control software and app solutions for one click parental control solutions, but our free parental guide will provide you with the necessary steps needed to ensure you have the most strict parental control settings activated for every avenue your kids are taking to go online.